What is Amamto

Amamto is a business intelligence tool that collects information about client‘s issue from the Internet. After getting rid off irrelevant data, the application has tools to understand the monitored issue.

Data collection

Amamto collects huge amount of mentions from the Internet using various sources to seek inspiration not only on exposed places but also in less known destinations.

Why Internet

The Internet content is generated by billions of people worldwide. It is a network that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government sites, of local to global scope. Nowadays, Internet represents the largest source of information, thoughts and ideas.

Information processing

Sieving the data

Internet has no structured rules for publishing the content. There is a bunch of distracting elements on the web pages. Menus, forum streams, links to old articles... Amamto features the algorithms that let through only useful information.

User defined filtering

By means of a simple interface, the Amamto users may set complementary keywords that define the relevant data. As a result of all above, Amamto dums 80 to 90% of useless information.

Understanding all that information


Amamto allows to pick just the piece of information that is needed. The system features advanced filtering that narrows the results to a desired focus.


Amamto uses extensive, flexible and fully customizable library of graphs and charts that enable to see the issues in various perspectives.


Turn any Amamto element into a report. Fully individualized reports may be created ad-hoc or scheduled to generate automatically after a set period of time.

Idea Finder

Getting fast to the inspiration

Most information processed by Amamto is just one click away - the distance that is hardly possible using just a conventional browser. Amamto goes around the commercial messages, browser indexer algorithms and user preferences to find the information that may inspirate.

Connecting the dots

Amamto editable bubble chart together with other advanced visualisation tools help to see the big picture and find the meaning in the sheer of the Internet.

Why use Amamto

Monitor brands

Find out what your consumers/clients say about your products or services. Know how people talk about your competitors.

Measure the effect of brands’ online marketing activities

Do you plan an online campaign? Monitor the impact of what you are doing. See how successful your competitors are in their online communication.

Map consumer behavior, beliefs and attitude

People often talk about what they have experienced. You may find some valuable information about how your consumers/clients think and act.

Map the communities

Map the communities for marketing purposes to learn how your products or services may be integrated in their lives.

Track the individuals

Are you a politician? Artist? See what’s the buzz about You!

Identify social moods

Monitoring of well chosen topics or phenomena may be used to measure mood in the society. 

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Screenshots of Amamto application

Project summary
Project summary
Share of issues within a category
Share of issues within a category
Issues by topics/brands
Issues by topics/brands
Sentiment by topics/brands
Sentiment by topics/brands
Report detail
List of mentions
Interactive diagrams
Interactive diagrams
Map of relevant places on the Internet
Map of relevant places on the Internet
Map of server types/categories
Map of server types/categories
Diagrams for understanding of relations between the issues
Diagrams for understanding of relations between the issues